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Glass Cabinets, Shelves & Tabletops
  • Interior Glass Experts

    Interior Glass Experts

    Table Tops, Bar Tops & Glass Shelves

    At The Glass Guru, our products are designed with only one need in mind - yours. That means you'll benefit from a perfect blend of style, functionality, durability, and affordability. Whether you're seeking replacement glass for existing needs, or planning to redesign using the latest styles, The Glass Guru has the products, knowledge, and installation expertise to simplify your job.

    Glass Table Top

    An easy and affordable way to protect your furniture such as; dining room tables, desks, counter tops, patio furniture, end tables, dressers, bar tops and even restaurant tables, is to protect them with glass. We can get glass cut to any size and shape for a glass dining table, glass coffee table or glass shelves.

    Plexiglass & Acrylic

    We also have plexiglass and acrylic options, which can be cut to your size and specifications. Contact us today for a quote.

  • Glass Shelves

    Glass Shelves

    Glass Edge Details

    flat polish

    Flat Polish


    The Flat Polish is the least expensive edge detail. The side edge is flat with a small seam or bevel (aris) on the top & bottom edge of the glass.

    pencil polish

    Pencil Polish

    The Pencil Polish is especially popular on circles & ovals. The side edge is rounded, which gives it a soft look.

    1" Bevel

    1" Bevel

    The 1" Bevel is the most versatile edge. A flat polish with a brilliant bevel on the top edge of the glass, this edge can be formal, casual, traditional or contemporary!

    OGEE (OG) Edge

    OGEE (OG) Edge

    The Ogee Edge is a look for the ages. Ogee is defined as an "S" in profile. This edge goes back to the Greeks & Romans and is gorgeous on columns and wrought iron bases.

    Double Bevel

    Double Bevel

    The Double Bevel is pricy yet brilliant. A flat polish with 2 bevels on the top edge of the glass, this edge is very dressy and adds prismatic colors to any room.

    Triple OG (Waterfall)

    Triple OG (Waterfall)

    The Triple OG resembles a waterfall on edge. A rolling look with 3 pencil edges on the edge of the glass, this edge absolutely sparkles. For those that want the rare jewel!

  • Cabinet Glass

    Cabinet Glass

    Cabinet Glass & Door Glass

    Let us help you find just the right glass for your glass kitchen cabinet doors, door entry areas, room divider, or any other application. We carry the latest styles and have many colors and patterns to choose from.

    Decorative Glass

    The Glass Guru offers a wide variety of frosted, patterned, obscure and textured glass products for use on applications such as: cabinet doors, entry doors, transom and sidelight areas, room dividers, shower enclosures and more. We have a large number of samples available to view and choose from.

    Cabinet, Shelves, & Tabletop Quick Quote

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